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A Role-Player to the End
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United States
A little Info about me:

1. I know my DA Name has the word 'Marine' in it, but I am not a US Marine.

2. I'm a Military Nut, Ask me on just about Anything and I may Know about It.

3. I have Aspergers and ADHD.

4. I have a Temper (sort of).

5. I'm a Railroad Enthusiast.

6. I'm a Role-Player, but I don't RP Ecchi, Hentai, or anything Sexually Related.

7. My name is... wait, why should I tell you, I'm not saying my name so José Enrique Muñiz Salomón, AKA 3ponfat, doesn't sully it

8. To All Trolls: If I sing a few lines from Time is on my Side by the Rolling Stones, don't expect to be on long after that.

9. I'm a Supporter of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, I say "You have the Right to own any Firearm you Desire"

10. I have no problem with a Brony or a Furry, even though I'm not either myself.

11. If you screw with my friends, I, and the friends you screwed with, are going to make your Internet Life a Living Hell, this is your only warning.

Tips for DA:

1. Disabling of the Comments Section and Rapid Changing of the Deviants Art Style shows that you have found a Art Thief.

2. If you found a Troll and he has more than 1 Account, he's using a cowardly tactic.

3. If you notice an OC who is Unkillable and has Never Lost a Fight, you have found a Mary Sue

Flag Counter

:pride: Deviants I Trust with My Life (No Order):


;) The Deviants I Watch that I Like (No Order):


:( Deviants I miss (No Order):

MinorElite, ZontarZon, SatokoKitty

:furious: Deviants whose Guts I Hate (No Order):

:icontoottootthechoochoo: Insults, Insults, Insults

:iconjeremystery: He Talks to himself and makes proclamations that he is talking to someone else, he lies a mile a minute, and he calls those who want him to be nice 'Murderers and Thugs' to no end, the second he is go, I'm throwing a party.

:iconjeremysteryfan: A 2nd Account created by jeremystery

:iconi-guardian-l: He's pretending to be a US Marine, he's spreading lies about me in secret (and probably still is), and he cuts off all form of contact with his friends when they find out the truth (One of them was his Girlfriend)

:iconkenbaih: For Spreading Lies about Me

:iconzomg-a-dropbear: For Non-Stop Insults and Stalking

:iconhunter4545: For Illegal Usage of Forbidden Technologies for Personal Gain and Mary-Sueing. Currently defeated by GPLeader but will be back.

:shrug: Deviants I'm willing to forgive (No Order)


Deviants who have a 2nd Chance


:points: Deviants who have to pay up to be unblocked and how much (Use Donation Widgit)


:trollface: Troll Graveyard (No Order):


RP War Wins and Losses (Reset):
1 Win| 0 Losses

Current Residence: Iron Station, North Carolina
Favorite Genre of Music: All but Scream-O, Pop, and Hardcore Gangster Rap
Favorite Style of Art: N/A
Shell of Choice: 120mm H.E.A.T.
Skin of Choice: N/A
Favorite YouTubers (No Order): Markiplier, Yamimash, Jacksepticeye, SkyDoesMinecraft, FPSRussia, TheAtlanticCraft
Personal Quote 1: I'm so frosty I make Snow Shiver.
Personal Quote 2: I'm a Sailing Ship with No Rudder, if the Wind blows North, I go North.
Personal Quote 3: *If my friend is Nagging me on my Driving/Piloting Skills* (Enter Friends Name Here), You're a Backseat Driver/Pilot, So kindly Shut Up or JUMP THE FUCK OUT!!!
Stolen from :iconhyperoct:

Just for the Hell of it and because It's almost Halloween.


[] You’d Rather Be Pale Than Tan. 
[] You Like To Eat Or Drink Red Things.
[x] You’re Lustful/Sexual. 
[] When You’re Kissing Someone, You Tend To Bite Them. 
[] You’re Dark, Mysterious, And Seductive. 
[x] You’ve Tasted Your Own Blood Before And Liked It. 
[x] Being Out In The Sun Too Long Makes You Feel Weak.  
[] You’re graceful, lithe, and can appear threatening or dangerous to others. 
[] You have incredible charm and can get people to do nearly anything. 
[] You’re More Active At Night. 
Total: 3

[/] You’re Incredibly Lustful/Sexual. 
[/] Sex Is Almost Always On Your Mind.
[] You Could Make Someone Fall Completely In Love With You By Merely Kissing Them. 
[] You’re Not A Virgin. 
[] You Burn Through Lovers Quickly.
[] You Can Make Love With Someone And Drop Them In The Same Breath.
[] If You Don’t “Feed” Your Lust, You Go Insane.
[] You Have Strong/Long Nails. 
[] You Could Get Nearly Anyone You Want.
Total: 1

[/] You have a bad temper. 
[] You're incredibly physically strong and fast.
[x] You Love The Moon. 
[] You’re Very Loyal. 
[x] If You Love Someone, You’ll Do Whatever You Possibly Can To Protect Them. 
[x] You Would Go On A Devastated Rampage Should Your Loved Ones Be Harmed.
[x] You Like Dogs. 
[] You’re fairly Sturdy in stature.
[x] You're Either A Good Leader Or A Solitary Person.  
[x]  You Have A Hard Time Controlling Yourself Half Of The Time.
Total: 6.5

[x] You Like Cats.
[] You’re lithe and agile.
[x] You could fall off of anything and always land on your feet.
[] You Like Gymnastics.
[] You Love To Eat Seafood.
[] You’re Affectionate And Cozy.
[/] If Someone Is Able To Sneak Up On You And Startle You, You Jump Up Or Swat At Them.
[] You Like Yarn.
[] You Like Chasing Things.
[/] You’re An Excellent Hunter/Fighter. (Hunter in a way)
Total: 3

[/] You’re An Outcast. (Only in Certain Social Circles/Areas)
[x] You Feel As If You’re Not Truly Alive. 
[] You’ll Moan When You’re Hurt Rather Than Scream Or Cry
[x] You Tend To Zone Out. (More often then you think)
[/] You Don’t Feel Very Smart. (Only at Social Studies)
[] You Like Worms. 
[] You Like Taking Things Slowly.
[] You Like Odd Foods.
[/] You Prefer To Suffer In Silence.
[x] You Don’t Get Much Sleep. 
Total: 4.5

[] You’re Invisible.
[] You Have An Oddly Eerie Presence.
[] You Can Send Chills Down A Person’s Spine Just By Looking At Them. 
[] You Have Messy Hair That Is Partially/Completely In Your Face. 
[/] You’re Incredibly Gentle. (most of the time)
[x] You’re Very Shy Around Someone You Find Attractive
[] You Tend To Simply Disappear When no One’s Looking. 
[] You Enjoy Scaring People. 
[/] You Like The Indoors. (I do go for a walk sometimes and when summer is around I go swimming)
[x] You Are Deeply Connected To The Ones You Love No Matter What Happens. (My Granddad died in a house fire, I still think of all of the great times we had together)
Total: 3

[/] You Will Eat Just About Anything. (Depends on what it is)
[/] You Like To Attack People Verbally Or Physically (Only in defense of myself or a friend I trust with my life)
[] You Are Thrilled If You Can Make Someone Bleed. 
[] You Wouldn’t Care If You Hurt Someone As Long As You Can Get What You Want From Them. 
[] You Like Stalking People. 
[] You Find It Fun To Crawl Into Tight, Small, Cramped, Dirty Spaces.
[x] You Get Hungry Easily. (I am right now XD)
[] You Like Torture.
[] You live to hurt people. 
[] You Like The Idea Of Being Insane.
Total: 2

[] You're Into Wicca/Paganism. 
[x] You Like Magical Objects. 
[x] You Believe In Magic. 
[] You Perform Odd Rituals On A Daily Basis.
[] People Find You Intolerably Cruel. 
[] You enjoy manipulating people. 
[]  You Feel Deeply In Touch With Nature And Hate Industrialization.
[] You Love Black Cats/Ravens. 
[] You Practice Voodoo
[] You Tend To Laugh Hysterically While Picking Up On Someone You Find Attractive. 
Total: 2

[] You Have Different Personalities 
[] Your Style Could Change From Goth To Preppy In The Same Second.
[] You Have More Than One Lover.
[x] You’re Unpredictable. 
[x] You Would Change Yourself Entirely To Fit In. (I'd try in half a heartbeat)
[x] You Are Fond Of Many Different Things. 
[x] You Can Easily Get Out Of Trouble By Changing Your Demeanor. 
[x] You often say one thing and mean another. 
[/] You Like To Leave Your Clothes On The Floor After Taking Them Off. (Floor no, Bed hell to the yes)
Total: 5.5

[] You Have A Very Bad Temper. 
[] You’re Usually Angry.
[] You Have To Make Other People Miserable With Every Breath That You Take. 
[] You Worship Satan. 
[] You like pentagrams. 
[/] You love to mess with people’s heads. (Only to those who I see as Gullible)
[] You Could Do Just About Anything Bad To Someone And Feel Proud.
[] You Laugh When Other People Are Hurt. 
[] Physically Harming Someone Turns You On.
[] You Respond To An Insult By Viciously Attacking The Other Person.
Total: .5

[/] You’re A Very Good Person.  (I try my best, but sometimes fail or screw up)
[x] You Take Care With Everything You Do. 
[x]You Can Be Extremely Serious. 
[/] You’re Gentle And Kind To Even Your Worst Enemies. (Only if they see the error of their ways)
[] You Cannot Hold A Grudge Against Anyone. (Not that kind ^^)
[x] You Would Gladly Endure Anything For The Sake Of The Ones You Love. 
[x] You’re A Virgin/Have Never Kissed Anyone Apart From Family. 
[] People See You As Being Very Pure 
[/] You Are Obedient And Follow Rules Without Question. (some of them)
[x] You Love God. (Christian to the core)
Total: 6.5

[] You Enchant People. 
[] You Like Organic Things. 
[/] You’re Almost Always Smiling. 
[x] You Love The World Around You. 
[x] You Get Attached To Animals Easily.
[] You’re A Walking-Talking Chick-Flick/Prince-Charming.
[x] You Fall In Love Easily.
[/] You Don’t HATE Anyone.
[] You Have A Very Bright/Bubbly/Friendly Personality.
[] You like long hair
Total: 4

I'm 1/2 Werewolf, 1/2 Angle with a little Shape-Shifter thrown in :confused:
  • Mood: Nervous
  • Listening to: Halo OST
  • Watching: Red vs. Blue
  • Playing: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
  • Eating: Healthy
  • Drinking: See Eating

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